Single Person Mortuary Cot

Mortuary Cot

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The MC-100A Single Person Mortuary Cot by Junkin Safety Appliance Company is a multi-level cot that allows for easy bed to cot transfer. It is built of sturdy anodized aluminum tubing that will not oxidize and will keep looking like new for years. Available with optional extension handles or side rails installed.


Multi-level cot; 4 levels allow one person to load and unload cot
Reinforced legs that lock automatically when unloading
Two swivel wheels, one of which locks
Comes with heat sealed mattress and three restraint straps
650 lb. load capacity
WARRANTY: 1 year
Technical Specs

Manufacturer SKUs: MC-100A, MC-100AR (with Side Rails)
Number of Levels: 4
Length: 78.00″ (200 cm)
Width: 21.00″ (53 cm)
Height Max: 32.50″ (83 cm)
Height Min: 10.00″ (26 cm)
Loading Height (distance from the bottom of the load wheels to the ground): 24.00″ (61 cm)
Weight: 58 lbs. (26 Kg)
Load Limit: 650 lbs. (295 Kg)

Ships in 2-4 weeks

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