Ferno First Call Pouch – Suede

First Call Mortuary Cot Pouch

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The 335 First Call Pouch is made to fit Ferno Model 23, Model 24, Model 24-H and Model 27-1 mortuary cots, most stretchers and standard cots measuring approximately 75.00″ x 23.00″ (191 cm x 58 cm). It is secured by snap fastener tabs and features a bottom, a full-length brass zipper and full expansion restraint strap slots. It includes a lining and a 12″ x 14″ pocket.
The cot pouches are made with patented Crypton fabric. Every fiber is encapsulated with a stain, odor and bacteria resistant barrier. The breathable moisture barrier is permanently integrated into the fabric, ensuring a complete and proven performance system from the fibers up. Nothing can penetrate the fibers or the barrier.

Specify Color – Caviar, Burgundy, Fathom

Ships in 2-4 weeks.

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