Ferno 24 Maxx First Call Cover

First Call Mortuary Cot Cover

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The 24-MAXX First Call Cover is specially designed for large bodies. The 24-MAXX fits the 24-MAXX, 24-miniMAXX, Model 24 and Model 27-1 mortuary cots. It includes a lining and a 12″ x 14″ pocket. Available in Crypton Super Fabric (Aria). The cot covers are made with patented Crypton fabric. Every fiber is encapsulated with a stain, odor and bacteria resistant barrier. The breathable moisture barrier is permanently integrated into the fabric, ensuring a complete and proven performance system from the fibers up. Nothing can penetrate the fibers or the barrier. Cot covers can be spot cleaned or machine washed when excessively soiled.

The First Call Cover doesn’t have a bottom. It protects the deceased on only three sides.
The 24 Maxx First Call Pouch has protection on all four sides.

Specify – Burgundy or Black

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