Ferno 1 Man Mortuary Cot w Side Arms

Mortuary Cot

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Length – 75 3/4″
Width – 20″
Maximum Height – 32″
Weight – 48lbs
Maximum Load – 400lbs.

The Model 23 Roll-In Style Cot has an extra long wheel base to provide exceptional stability. Its slide-action leg lock securely locks both sets of legs simultaneously when folded. When its legs are folded and locked, the Model 23 can be used as a two-wheeled stretcher. Stair glides reduce wear on the cot and promote smooth movement down stairs. The cot is also wide enough to accommodate a portable stretcher.

The Model 23 Roll-In Style Cot comes complete with Model 372 one-inch burgundy mattress and two Model 430 five-foot long, two-piece, burgundy quick release restraint straps.

Includes Installed – Side-Arms

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